Billionaire wants to gift Miami a 400ft American flag

Posted on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 at 4:41pm.

UPDATE as of August 12, 2014: The 'Flag of Gratitude' will rise 450, taller than previously reported. The proposal calls for the flag to be built on Parcel B, a vacant taxpayer-owned plot of land that was expected to become a park after the American Airlines Arena was built.

Healthcare billionaire Mike Fernandez wants to build the tallest flagpole in North America in downtown Miami, according to the Miami Herald.

Fernandez visited several sites in and around Downtown Miami today with a city commissioner and the city manager to scout potential locations. His preferred site is somewhere between American Airlines Arena and the Perez Art Museum Miami along Biscayne Bay. 

"It's a gift that I'd like to consider giving to our country and to our city," Fernandez told the Miami Herald in an interview.

The flagpole, which at 400 feet would be the tallest in North America, is expected to cost between $5 and $10 million to build. Fernandez said he would foot the bill, and the city’s only contribution might be a plot of about 1,000 square feet needed to establish a deep base to keep the pole stable while bearing a flag with stars the size of three people.

The flag would reportedly weigh 500 pounds alone.

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