Green Card Visas for International Entrepreneurs

Posted on Thursday, June 4th, 2015 at 12:10pm.

Federal government program EB-5 have been used by foreign prosperous investors for make business in United States, obtain green card visa residence, and potentially citizenship. To obtain it the entrepreneur must invest one million dollars or at lest $500,000 in unemployment designated areas or rural areas, and create at least ten employments between citizens unrelated to the individual. Loans using the program have generally a term of five years with an interest rate lower than commercial banking.    

Extraordinary developments have been constructed utilizing this program in Florida and New York by entrepreneurs from places like China, England, Vietnam, Mexico and other latin merican countries of South America. The program EB-5 is in a bind of changes, since It reached the top established of 10,000 annual visas emitted since its beginning in 1990 with 10,928 for fiscal year 2014, 6,346 more than the previous year, from Chinese's investors in its majority, now for the fist time, EB5 visas for Chinese have been frozen for the fist time as a result. Impacts in economic movement as the result of this investments affect market and creation of new employments. Pressures arise for developers to use funds for the uncertain next modifications that could be made, as the possibilities of more regulations in areas were money can be invested. 

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