Home Improvements

Posted on Friday, June 12th, 2015 at 5:01pm.

Home improvements are investments that pay back at sale, but not all improvements increase values to the property. In this space, I will mention some recommendations of home improvements that definitively should consider.

Open space is a contemporary home style that features flow between common area rooms like kitchen, living room, family room and dinning room. With a little investment, you can transform the interior layout plan eliminating some not structural walls to create space full sensation.





Take care of greens! Landscapes and green areas are one investment that offers big rewards. As HomeGain survey a $500 inversion in landscape could quadruplicate in return. They make a big difference in impression and value of the property, more if trees and vegetation are mature and well maintained.

Lighting is the number-one point as HomeGain survey. Brilliant and illuminated spaces simply improve appearance to the interior of ahome. One good suggestion to keep flexible between brightness change regular outlets to dimmers. Other suggestions are use curtains that allow the entrance of natural light, replace bulbs for high voltage to create bigger spaces illusion or soft to create warm in empty spaces. Substitute frosted glass for clear glass, and dark painting colors to neutral tones. 




It is well said that the first impression is the presentation card, at the same way is the important of the main door entrance. Don’t sub estimate the importance of the esthetic and quality of the main door to home. At the same way, floorings of good taste and quality increase values double of more of the investment.

Finally rooms that you should definitively take care with good taste and improve are kitchens and bathrooms; It is said that are the main concerns in women's. But before making that big inversion first ensure that everything else at home is in order: roofing, licks, electricity, plumbing, cooling system among others.


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