International latin americans alternatives to buy properties

Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2015 at 10:42am.

Is well known that Broward and Miami Dade counties in Florida are populated by a big conglomerate of Latin-Americans looking for the advantages of United States in compare with their home land countries. The lease home alternative in transition periods is common, but what happens if I decide my principal residence or investment property when don’t have social security and only have a visa? Know that is possible to buy properties with visa, including tourist visas.

Miami Dade County register a high percentage of cash real estate transactions by international buyers, generating the double of the cash transactions in contrast with the national average. If you need financing for the cash, financing is an alternative. To approve financing to non- resident or visas international buyers Broward and Miami mortgage banks usually will request for the 50% of the sale price as down payment, evidence or guarantee of repayment capacity for over the next 12 months and legitimacy of funding proof. The closing process for mortgage financing could take around 30-45 days. If decide to relocate you need the assistance of a professional. The best way to purchase your real estate property is with a Realtor®. In MMD Realty as experts will assist you in the process. Contact us 954-835-5500 / 

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