South Florida Kids Head Back to School

Posted by Michelle Farber Ross on Friday, August 15th, 2014 at 3:00pm.

Back to School 2014

Just returned home from orientation at Gator Run Elementary, where my son is entering the fourth grade. We met the teacher, who seems very nice and has a great reputation for not giving too much homework (a pure delight for my son)! We learned that they did away with FCAT tests this year....cheers filled the room! Then we heard the other news, the new standardized testing requires more higher-learning and more explanations of the work.....sighs filled the room. Gator Run Elementary Weston

Funny to listen to a nine year-old, what they feel and look for in a new class. My son had some anxiety and excitement as he was looking around the room for familiar faces. His pointed complaint as we were leaving the classroom, "There are so many girls in my class." (with a frown). In a few years, I will be wishing to hear these very words again!!

So, gone are the days of the care-free lazy summer....and back to the grind.  The sports fields will soon be filled again and the commute to work a bit more taxing. The positive is that life will get back to normal, scheduled and regular.

Wishing all of my fellow parents out there a great start to the new school year.

Yours truly,

Michelle Farber Ross

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