Tired of Secret Santa? Try White Elephant!

Posted on Monday, December 16th, 2013 at 3:43pm.

My friends and I plan Secret Santa every year at Thanksgiving. We draw names, set dollar amount limits, and all the other usual things that go along with it. Well, every year people forget who they drew and then some people travel for the holidays so it never actually works because someone always gets left out.  

This year is surprisingly no exception, so I suggested the White Elephant Gift Exchange. Instead of drawing names all the gifts will be anonymous.  The gifts are wrapped in the same paper and then put in a box. Everyone draws a number out of a hat and takes a turn to select a present from the pile.  When it is your turn you can choose to open your gift or swap it for one that has already been opened.

This White Elephant Gift Exchange game seems to encourage a bit more participation and are usually way more fun for the Christmas party festivities. This will also mean that no one will be able to give the game away about who they are buying for as the gifts will be selected randomly. 

Give it a try this holiday season!

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