Until Next Year, Art Basel...

Posted on Monday, December 9th, 2013 at 9:33am.

My favorite weekend of the year is over and I, like many others who participate in it, are kind of happy that it is. I'm talking about Art Basel Miami Beach, the largest modern and contemporary art fair in the United States. People flock here from all over the world for these six days of art exhibits, concerts, fashion shows, elite parties, and let's not forget the celebrity sightings.

The cities of Miami and Miami Beach completely transform for this week. Art installations take over parks, entire buildings or even a whole street. There are free events that are completely open to the public to very exclusive parties that are almost impossible to even find out about.

Over the past 6 days I've seen a Yoko Ono wannabe at an Absolut X event right on the sand of Miami Beach that did nothing but virtually annoy everyone who RSVP'd, Storm Troopers taking over a condo building, a private Pharrell concert with P Diddy as a special guest, spilled a glass of champagne on a $20,000 couch, hung out with a featured artist of Art Basel, Kim Kardashian posing for cameras at the Delano, attented amazing concerts, and seem some very progressive pieces of art with mediums ranging from colored pencils to human ashes!


It's been an amazing set of events this year, but I'm glad it's over so I can go back to the real world! Until next year, Art Basel!

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Michelle Farber Ross wrote: Can't wait to go next year!

Posted on Monday, December 9th, 2013 at 12:04pm.

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